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respite services


Guardien Group’s respite home offers a respite break for people who experience mental illness or a disability, while their family/carers have some time out for themselves.

Guests can enjoy a short break in a relaxed, homelike environment, close to shops, amenities and attractions; explore social opportunities and develop new friendships.  A variety of pre-organised programs are available, which certainly adds a real holiday feel to the break.

Our holiday home can also be a place where families/carers and the person they care for, can come together for a holiday, if this is preferred.

We provide 24 hour professional support and skilled, experienced staff.  This provides peace of mind for carers and family members who can have a break knowing that the person they care for is safe and enjoying their stay. 

If you want more than from the at-home activities or exploring the local area normally provided, a list of the activities available and their costs can be downloaded. A wide variety of flexible, age-appropriate activities are available which ensures a positive experience.

Guardien Group assists people to live valued lives in their communities and achieve their maximum potential. We provide flexible, individualised planned breaks that respond to the uniqueness of each individual and his/her family or carers.  Qualified staff are on hand for varying levels of support needs.

For more information on available respite accommodation, please contact us through the webpage or on the toll free number.

More detail on our other services and eligibility criteria is provided through the submenu items below.

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Guardien Group provided quality care tailored to (client’s name) individual needs, nothing was too challenging. The open communication and accountability processes along with the programs of personal care, managing of household tasks, accessing learning and engagement in the wider community had considerable positive benefits for (client’s name) in his short stay. It is a testament to Guardien that (client’s name) wants to return to live permanently in this comfortable, safe and settled environment.
Anthony Walsh Client Advocate
Brisbane, Qld