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group home services

Group Home Services

Guardien Group's group home service provides 24/7 supported housing for people with a disability, mental health concern and children with a disability.

We believe that everyone has the right not only to live in their own home, but in the quality of housing that provides outstanding comfort in a location that allows maximum life choices.  This standard of accommodation in selected locations allows Guardien Group staff to provide flexible and individualised programs that give real choice and dignity that we all deserve.


Guardien Group Six Steps of Support
1. A place you can call home
We provide supported residential care in our community.
2. Development of skills
Our residential support provides assistance to look at specific areas where a person may choose to achieve greater independence.
3. Individual Programing
We create individualised programs that include the person and their family.
4. Community Access
We provide effective support to connect with the local community and its facilities.
5. Work and training
We support people to access day services and workshop/job programs of their choice.
6. Recreation
We provide support and encouragement for people to access activities and interests, developing friendships and expand their horizons.

Services are currently being provided in the South East Brisbane. However, as homes are created to meet the needs of the individual, the creation of homes in other locations is possible based on demand.

We are committed to providing outstanding support in line with the Six National Disability Standards that enhances and maintains existing social networks and skills or our clients whilst expanding their scope.

For more information about Guardein Group group home services, contact us through the webpage or simply call us on the number below.

More detail on our other services and eligibility criteria is provided through the submenu items below.

In-home Services

Respite Services




Through the patience, and care shown by Kerrie and her staff over these last two years amazing changes have begun to take place. My sister is now taking an interest in life. Rather than sitting in the house all day and chain smoking she now has an active lifestyle. She cut her smoking down and is now a non-smoker. The caring and nurturing environment has enabled her to be able to look at tackling her other problems in the future. We receive constant feedback on her health and well being. The best thing I as my sister's carer was able to do was to get her accepted by the Guardien Group and have them take up her care.
Pam Griffioen Sister
Brisbane, Qld